Design of Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

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NPTEL Online
8 Weeks
27 Aug 2018 – 19 Oct 2018
IIT Kanpur
Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Subrahmanyam Saderla
28 Oct 2018  [2 pm – 5 pm]

Course Introduction

What I have learned

Module 1 :
Introduction to Fixed-Wing UAVs
Classification of UAVs
International Standard Atmosphere
Measurement of Flight Velocity and Altitude
Anatomy of a Fixed Wing Aircraft
Airfoil Nomenclature

Module 2 :
Pitot and Static Tube
Differential Pressure Sensor
Generation of Lift and Drag
Center of Pressure and Aerodynamic Center
Wing Planforms
Lifting Line Theory

Module 3 :
Flow over Airfoil
Flow over Finite Wing
Airfoil Data Interpretation
Cl vs Alpha, Drag Polar
Airfoil Selection Procedure
Aircraft Equations of Motion
Aircraft Cruise Performance

Module 4 :
Thrust Required Calculation
Power Required Calculation
Power Plants – Performance Parameters and Selection

Module 5 :
Aircraft Climb Performance
Engine Sizing
Aircraft Weight Estimation
Electric Propulsion Systems – Battery Sizing

Module 6 :
Wing Sizing
Wing Planform Selection
Flight Demonstration – Delta Wing UAV
Static Stability Concepts

Module 7 :
Longitudinal Stability Concepts

Module 8 :
Wing Contribution
Tail Contribution
Effect of Variation of Center of Gravity Location