As an undergraduate (B.Tech.) student of Biomedical Engineering at National Institute of Technology Raipur, Kabid had gained deep knowledge, understanding and hands-on practical experience in the following credit based subjects and labs :

Sub-Domain wise Course List

Area of Study : Biomedical Engineering Core
Biomedical Transducers
Biomedical Instrumentation
Biomedical Equipments
Artificial Organs

Area of Study : Biomedical Engineering Elective
Artificial Intelligence
Nuclear Medicine

Area of Study : Humanities, Social Sciences & Management
Project Planning & Management
Management Science
Communication Skills
Report Writing and Seminar
Group Discussion

Area of Study : Electronics
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Analog Communication Systems
Digital Communication Systems
Control Systems
Biomedical Signal Processing
Medical Image Processing

Semester Wise Course List

8th Semester

Major Project
Bio Materials
Artificial Organs
Fiber Optics in Medicine
Nuclear Medicine (Professional Elective)
Project Planning, Management and Evaluation (Open Elective)
Report Writing and Seminar

Laboratory :

  1. Bio Materials
  2. Artificial Organs
  3. Fiber Optics in Medicine
7th Semester

Minor Project
Microcontroller based Medical Instruments
Digital Communication Systems
Artificial Intelligence (Professional Elective)
Hospital Management
Innovative and Entrepreneurial Skills
Practical Training Evaluation (Internship)

Laboratory :

  1. Microcontroller based Medical Instruments
  2. Digital Communication Systems
  3. Bio-Informatics
6th Semester

Analog Communication Systems


Medical Image Processing

Micro-Electronics & Integrated Circuits


Basic Clinical Science II (Elective I)

Managerial Skills

Laboratory :

  1. Analog Communication Systems
  2. Telemedicine
  3. Medical Image Processing
  4. Micro-Electronics & Integrated Circuits
5th Semester

Biomedical Instrumentation

Biomedical Equipment


Biological Control Systems

Basic Clinical Science I

Management Science

Personality Development

Laboratory :

  1. Biomedical Instrumentation
  2. Biomedical Equipment
  3. Microprocessor
  4. Biological Control Systems
4th Semester

Biomedical Transducers

Analog and Digital Electronics

Bio-Signals and Systems



Numerical Techniques

Health, Hygiene and Yoga

Laboratory :

  1. Biomedical Transducers
  2. Analog and Digital Electronics
  3. Bio-Signals and Systems
  4. Microbiology
3rd Semester

Anatomy and Physiology



Network Analysis

Mathematics III

Programming with C

Value Education

Laboratory :

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Network Analysis
  4. Programming with C
2nd Semester

Bio-Science II

Applied Physics

Applied Maths II

Engineering Graphics

Basic Mechanical Engineering

Basic Civil Engineering

Group Discussion

Laboratory :

  1. Introduction to Computing
  2. Applied Physics
  3. Engineering Graphics
  4. Basic Civil Engineering
1st Semester

Bio-Science I

Applied Chemistry

Applied Maths I

Engineering Mechanics

Basic Electrical Engineering


Professional Communication in English

Communication Skills

Laboratory :

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering
  2. Applied Chemistry
  3. Engineering Mechanics