Space Exploration and Rocket Science

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7 Weeks
28 February 2017 – 16 May 2017
Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M)
Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Manuel Sanjuro Rivo
Prof. Mario Merino

Course Introduction

What I have learned

1. Cultural and Scientific steps towards space travel
2. Fundamental Laws of Motion in Space
3. Developments in Rocket technology during 1930s and World War II
4. Basic Principles of Rocket Propulsion
5. Historical, Scientific and Cultural context behind the first launch of an artificial satellite (Sputnik)
6. Space Environment in LEO (Low Earth Orbit)
7.  Origin, Purpose and Outcome of the Race to the Moon
8.  Spacecraft Subsystems
9.  Role of International Cooperation in Space
10. Human Life in Space – Technical Challenges
11.  Space Applications
12. Principles of operation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
13. Future of Space Exploration
14. Principles of Operation of Electric Propulsion

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