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9 Weeks
7 April 2014 – 8 June 2014
University of Queensland
Mechanical and Mining Engineering
Prof. David J Mee
Prof. Richard G Morgan
Prof. Michael Smart
Prof. Vincent Wheatley
Prof. Anand Veeraragavan

Course Introduction

What I have learned

1. When compressible flow occurs, how it behaves and when a flow becomes hypersonic
2. Scramjet Engine and its configuration

3. How to model 1D compressible flows (Isentropic Flow)
4. The nature of shock waves (Normal Shock and Oblique Shock Waves)
5. The effects on a flow when the flow is hypersonic
6. Scramjet Combustors –  Modeling and Design
7. How scramjet propulsion fits within context of aerospace propulsion

8. High Temperature Effects and Mach Number Independence
9. Hypersonic Vehicle Shapes
10. How to model the performance of a simple 2D scramjet engine
– Control Volume Analysis + Overall Engine Analysis

Relevant Projects

Complete Engine Analysis of a given Scramjet Engine Design