Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

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7 Weeks
28 Aug 2018 – 20 Oct 2018
Delft University of Technology
Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Gillian Saunders-Smits |
Prof. Joe Sinke |
Prof. Calvin Rans | Prof. Julie Teuwen |
Prof. René Alderliesten

Course Introduction

What I have learned

1. Basic concepts of material properties and the phenomena of stress and strain in aircraft or spacecraft at different temperatures and in different environments

2. Properties and Manufacturing Methods of typical Aerospace Materials such as Metals, Ceramics and Composites

3. Structural elements of Aircraft and Spacecraft

4. Loads acting on different aircraft parts,
Load paths through a structure, and how this affects design choices when designing wings and fuselages. Consequences of pressurized fuselages and of bending of wing spars and how it impacts the design, Structural Design Trade-Off

5. Structural performance of aircraft and how to select the appropriate structural and materials solutions for a design problem based on stiffness and strength

6. Failure – how to eliminate possibilities for failure during the design process. Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, and how to improve the durability of Aircraft and Spacecraft

7. How Aircraft and Spacecraft are assembled, Joining Methods – Mechanically Fastened Joints, Bonded Joints, Welded Joints